MacGruber 2 Has An Outline.

The one thing I love about writing this blog is the surprising behaviour of Hollywood studios and those movie movers and shakers when it comes to planning sequels or reboots, which is why the totally unexpected news that work is currently being carried out on MacGruber 2 caught me…totally unexpected like.

You’re probably asking yourself what is a MacGruber? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in your curiosity as MacGruber was a low-budget 2010 action comedy film which starred Will Forte as a former Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger known as MacGruber, a parody character of MacGyver. The film was made for $10m, (yes, you read that right), and made back just over $9m, on top of that poor performance the film was roundly panned by the critics, (even though I loved it), with Rotten Tomatoes struggling to give the movie a 50% rating. In short the film criminally went unnoticed, made very little money and was not enjoyed by those paid to review movies, (but what the f**k do they know?).

Which is why news of a sequel is so surprising and exciting for a fan of the first like me. Forte has now announced that he along with fellow comedian and director of the original movie Jorma Taccone have been beavering away on a script for the film. Speaking to movie website Collider it appears the pair are moving ahead with completing a screenplay which they will then pitch to a studio to help make it. Of course there is no guarantee this sequel will happen, but both Forte and Taccone seem passionate enough about their project which I certainly hope becomes a reality.

(via Collider)


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