Shane Black To Remake Remo: Unarmed And Dangerous.

During the 90s I went through an obsessive spate of seeking out and watching all the cult classic films from the 80s, which had passed me by. One particular film from 1985, which became an instant firm favourite, was Remo Williams: Unarmed And Dangerous, which starred Fred Ward, (Tremors, The Right Stuff), as a man who is unwillingly recruited as an assassin for a secret organization. His death is faked, his face is surgically altered and he is trained to be a human killing machine by his aged Korean martial arts master Chiun, who ridicules him every chance he gets.

The film was directed by Guy Hamilton, who had previously directed four James Bond films including Goldfinger, and was an adaptatiopn of the Destroyer pulp novels, of which there are 150 and now Hollywood are planning to remake the film with a view to expanding it into a franchise with director Shane Black.

Black, who’s coming off the back of the immensely successful Iron Man 3, is currently involved in a Doc Savage and Predator remake but it’s understood preliminary work on the Remo Williams project has already started with Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls hired to pen the scrip,t along with the author of The Destroyer novels James Mullaney. I shouldn’t be excited at this news, I should be cynical and bitter about Hollywood trashing another favourite film but with Black, Uhls and Mullaney all involved in taking another stab at this potential franchise, I cannot hide by boyhood glee.

Official word is that the film will follow the books a lot more closely than the original film and martial arts master Chiun will be returning albeit this time played by an Asian actor.



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