Interview With The Vampire Sequel May Have A Director.


Good news for fans of the original 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, or fans of the original 1976 book written by Anne Rice, Hollywood is putting remake plans on ice. Instead they’re courting a director to film a sequel, (of sorts), which will be based on the second and third books of the chronicles instead.

Movie website JoBlo had previously reported that Universal had bought up the rights to Anne Rice’s vampire books earlier this year and the Internet rumour machine went into overdrive, assuming a remake of the movie was in the pipeline. Now it seems director Josh Boone, (The Fault In Our Stars),has been singled out to helm The Vampire Lestat, the second book in the trilogy, the plot of which rattles along like so:

Set in the late 18th century to the late 1980s, the story follows the 200-year-long life of the vampireLestat de Lioncourt, and his rise from humble beginnings as impoverished nobility in the countryside of the Auvergne in France, to the cosmopolitan city of Paris, to become transformed by the Dark Gift into a vampire.

It’s understood that the film will also draw some material from the third book The Queen Of The Damned. It’s a refreshing move by Universal to continue the franchise, albeit 20 years later, and avoid a straight remake of the first after all the original was a massive success raking in $223m against a $60m budget. It’s also nice to see they’ve decided to completely overlook the hellish attempt at adapting The Queen Of The Damned back in 2002 which starred Aaliyah and Stuart Townsend.

Best not to mention that film to Anne Rice either.

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