Three New Pics From Taken 3.


‘I am a road sign. You cannot see me.’

I’m just going to come right out with it and state that Liam Neeson is a terrible parent, or at least his character Bryan Mills is.

Work is well underway for Taken 3 which, we’re reliably informed, will centre around Mills more than the unfortunate members of his family, a big relief to his long-suffering daughter and ex-wife. The sequel’s plot involves Mills going on the run keeping his head well under the radar as Govt officials and criminals partner up to seek and destroy the man. Of course this sets the scene once more for Mills to employ his special set of skills which Neeson is once more stating will be the final Taken movie.

Three new pictures have been released for the movie which is set to hit cinemas this January.


‘Dad, for fuck’s sake gonnae just get a normal job.’


‘Quickly Bryan, pull my finger.’



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