Downey Jnr Wants Mel Gibson To Direct Iron Man 4.


Robert Downey Jnr recently explained in an interview during a press promotion of his new movie The Judge that the only way he can see himself slipping back into the Iron Man suit for a fourth adventure is if Mel Gibson is director.

Now there’s two aspects about this announcement which intrigue me the first is obviously the preference of Gibson as director, this is a man who up until recently only handled epic, period pieces, (Braveheart, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Apocalypto), but the action scenes throughout those movies would rival any filmed so far for Marvel and secondly, I just really like the idea of Downey Jnr offering Gibson some help in salvaging his career. Yes, the man has made some terrible mistakes with his life but just like Downey Jnr he acknowledges them and as far as I can tell has atoned for his errors.

Besides Ironman 4 with Gibson behind the camera would most definitely be worth the price of admission. You can read the entire fascinating interview over on Deadline for yourself.

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