Baywatch Is Getting A Big Screen Reboot With The Rock.


Baywatch was one of those Saturday evening programmes which was always on the TV in the background as you prepared yourself to go out hellraising for the weekend. Well that’s how I remember the series and to be honest that’s about as engaging as it got for me. Of course I must be in the minority as the show ran for ten years and was a firm household favourite across the globe.

Now the series is set to return, but this time it’ll be on the big screen courtesy of a Hollywood, big budget reboot. All we know at this stage is that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock posted up the above picture to his Instagram account followed-up by the following post on Twitter:

bay 2

Ah man, he never used the word ‘gritty.’ Everyone knows by now the only way for a reboot or remake to succeed is if you make it ‘grittier‘ than the original. It’s just basic Hollywood 101.

I’d imagine they’ll be striving for some kind of Starsky & Hutch style remake with a tongue-in-cheek approach to the original property. The Rock is a bit of an odd casting choice but the guy does fill out a pair of beach shorts well. Sean Anders and John Morris, (We’re the Millers), will co-direct the reboot with writer Justin Malen hired to write the script.

No word on any of the original cast members popping up in cameo or supporting roles but if I were a betting man I’d put money on David Hasselhoff making an appearance.

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