The Blob Remake Gets A Director.

The orignal sci-fi cult classic The Blob was released in 1958 and starred a young and shiny Steve McQueen who played the role of teenager Steve Andrews, (even though in reality McQueen was 27 years old), whose small town in Pennsylvania is terrorized by a large, growing alien amoeba which crash lands from outer space and begins to dissolve everything in its path. The film is a classic space monster movie and makes for  great late Friday night viewing.

The Blob was then remade in 1988 directed by Chuck Russell starring a young and shiny Kevin Dillon as a teenager whose small town in California is terrorized by a mysterious growing amoeba,  which isn’t from outer space but was instead created by the US military as a biological weapon. As a remake it really held-up and to this day is a forgotten gem.

Now we have a second remake on the cards with Goldcrest Films announcing this week that Simon West, (The Expendables 2, Con Air), will direct the shoot which is scheduled to begin this summer. Jack Harris, who was the producer on the original Steve McQueen movie is slated to assume an executive producer role.

No word yet on who will take the lead in the remake but my money is on Shia Lebouf.



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