Trailer For The Poltergeist Remake.

Like most fans of the classic 1982 horror movie Poltergeist, a shiver ran up my spin when Hollywood announced the famous property would be getting a remake. Did it need to? No. The Tobe Hooper, (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) movie still holds up to this day, largely due to the high production standards by Steven Speilberg and Frank Marshall.

But then they announced the remake would star Sam Rockwell, (Seven Psychopaths) and Jared Harris, (Mad Men),  under the direction of Gil Kenan, (Monster House), and things started to get interesting. Now we have our first look at the remake and although it looks like it stays faithful to the original plot the scare factor has been ramped up and that’s never a bad thing.

Is there anything in this world scarier than clowns?

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