Are You Ready For An Alien Nation Remake?

Tough tits if you’re not because Hollywood is making it happen with or without your consent.
I have a soft spot for the 1988 cult sci-fi movie, which in my view was way ahead of its time addressing issues of discrimination and social ideologies,  through a buddy-cop premise played against the backdrop of an earth which is now inhabited by an alien race known as the Newcomers.
James Caan plays a hard-nosed human detective named Matthew Sykes who is partnered with a Newcomer detective known as  Sam “George” Francisco, played by Mandy Patinkin, who together have to solve a murder case which leads them down a rabbit hole inhabited by the criminal underworld of the Newcomers.
Essentially Alien Nation is a sort of early pre-cursor to Blomkamp’s District 9, but now almost 30 years on 20th Century Fox want to reignite the property with a remake. Two names currently in the mix for this project are writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway who apparently have been hired to pen the script, the duo were previously responsible for the outrageously successful original Iron Man movie. No word on a director or cast at this stage but Fox are said to be keen to turn the remake into a franchise spawning some sequels in the near future.

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