Hopes For Hellboy 3 Could Be Finally Realised.


It’s looking increasingly likely that a third Hellboy movie will eventually be made with Ron Pearlman reprising his much-loved role as the super-hero, red demon with a passion for kittens and beer.

Ever since the release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, (which raked in a decent $160m against an $80m budget), fans have been demanding a third to complete the trilogy and Pearlman along with director Guillermo del Toro have been enthusiastically backing the demand, but the only spanner in the development works for a third installment has been the studios lack of committment.

However all of that could be about to change with hopes now resting on the box office performance of Guillermo’s forthcoming sequel to Pacific Rim. It’s loosely understood that if that film does well financially the studios may just greenlight Hellboy 3.

To whet your appetite as to the actual plot of the proposed sequel Pearlman recently revealed some details hinting that the character’s expected twins to girlfriend Liz Sherman, (Selma Blair), would play a major role:

“I’ll tell you this, the two twins: one would look like the mum and one would look like the dad. And one of them was going to be completely fucking corrupt, the other one angelic. Which one was which? Only Guillermo would make the fucked-up-looking one be the angel. So then that adds to the saga.”



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