First Teaser Trailer For Finding Dory.

Here’s the first official look at the much anticipated Pixar sequel to Finding Nemo entitled Finding Dory.

Is it me or do the colours and animation in this trailer look face meltingly gorgeous? I want to go sleep on the sea bed under a coral shell. It just looks so tranquil and unpolluted.

Finding Dory picks up six months after the original events in Finding Nemo, but the twist this time is that it’s Dory’s turn for a misadventure when she suddenly remembers, in true Dory fashion, that she has a family and sets off to find them, with Nemo and his old man Marlin along for the ride.

The genuinely exciting prospect for this sequel is that Ellen DeGeneres, (Dory), and Albert Brooks, (Marlin), have returned to voice their characters with Andrew Stanton once more taking writing and directing duties.

Finding Dory is due out June 17, 2016



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