Tom Cruise Revealed The Title Of The Top Gun Sequel.

Hey, if you’ve been away for a while, (prison or extended leave due to ‘exhaustion’), chances are you won’t have heard the exciting news that Tom Cruise is to don aviator shades and khaki boiler suit combo once more, for a Top Gun sequel.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous that Hollywood would find it neccesary to make a sequel to a film now 30 years old. The idea is nuts, why don’t they just resurrect other ancient properties such as Ghostbusters, Predator, Alien, Baywatch, CHiPS, Mary Poppins, Jumanji…

In a recent interview Hollywood royalty Cruise revealed some details of the planned sequel, including the title of the movie; Top Gun: Maverick. He’s telling us that there will be more jets and aircraft carriers but what about the volleyball Tom? Will there be more volleyball?


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