Bad Moms Are Back With Their Even Badder Moms.

Heyo! You know who’s badder than the bad moms? The bad mom’s moms. Make sense? Well it should because that’s pretty much the premise to the Bad Moms sequel scheduled for release this winter.

A Bad Moms Christmas is the sequel to the original movie, which starred Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, and, (at the time of writing this), isn’t even a whole year old yet. Released in July 6, 2016, Bad Moms raked in box office reciepts of $183.9m against a paltry budget of $20m. Hence the explanation for the quick turnaround for a sequel.

The premise for A Bad Moms Christmas is quite simple and boring. The trio once again fight back against the stresses of modern living this time during the Christmas festivities, when their own mothers come to visit with Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines fleshing out those roles.

There’s also a spin-off movie planned entitled Bad Dads which has yet to be cast but is being scheduled for release next year. Who knows five years from now we might have Bad Babies, Bad Uncles, Bad Aunts, Bad Dogs and Bad Cats. That cash cow better keep feeding on box office reciepts so the studio execs can continue milking this fledgling franchise. How’s that for an over-explained metaphor. Heyo!

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