You Can Feel The Whedon In The New Justice League Trailer.

You can almost feel the Whedon in the new Justice League Trailer…with now added Superman.

Yeah, okay. The Justice League movie isn’t specifically a sequel, or a reboot but it is a continuation of the DC movie universe story, so statistically speaking it is a sequel of sorts, in that it takes a collection of characters from pre-existing movies and progresses their story.

With that awkward intro over here’s the latest Justice League trailer where Superman pops up in a dream sequence. No doubt the death of Superman will be explored more in the movie but for the main part, as the trailer depicts, this is a movie of putting a gang of superheros together and indulging fanboy’s fapping fantasies across the globe.

Interesting sidenote, Josh Whedon now has a writing credit for this movie after he was drafted in earlier this year. For a writing credit you have to contribute at least around 30% of the script and judging by Aquaman’s cheeky quips and collective chemistry of the League members it feels like Wheddon has had an effect.

Justice League is scheduled for release on November 16th.




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