Lethal Weapon 5 Is Being Discussed.

It appears that film director Richard Donner, (The Goonies, Superman), is in talks with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover for a fifth Lethal Weapon movie.

Deadline is reporting that the trio are currently having conversations about doing another movie together now that the original is 30 years old. Details on what direction the movie would take are thin on the ground but it would obviously feature the wise-cracking duo fighting more crime, pew-pew-pewing and driving cars irresponsibly. Or more realistically solving the mystery of the missing jelly at their Shady Acres Retirement Home.

Early indications point to a script by Channing Gibson who penned the fourth installment back in 1998. Let’s hope they manage to bring back Chris Rock, Rene Russo and Joe Pesci for the full ‘You’ll shit a brick when you see how old they look now’ experience.


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