Jordan Peele Is Thinking About A Get Out Sequel.

One of the best films of last year could be getting a sequel and we’re all right with that.

The whole reason we created this blog was to celebrate the love we have for the continuation of a story, all stories. A sequel is a natural progression of story telling, the second chapter, the answering of questions the expansion of the world your beloved characters inhabit.

Get Out was a dark, satirical horror examining racial inequality and white supremacy and now writer, director Jordan Peele is seriously considering a sequel. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter recently Peele explained that he had been thinking about a sequel, he said: “I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe, and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends that feel like they want to be tied up. I’ll throw that out there.”

Peele went on to qualify that the sequel wouldn’t happen just for the sake of it, the follow-up would have to progress the original story and in his words ‘take it up a notch’.

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