The Highlander Reboot Moves Forward With Hopes For A Trilogy.

Looks like we will be getting a Highlander reboot after all. According to Deadline a script by Ryan Condal, (Colony), is in place, a director has been chosen and pre-production will begin later this year.

Rumours of a reboot have been swirling since Summit Entertainment secured the property rights back in 2008, but the project slowly slipped into development hell. Now it seems Lionsgate are pushing forward with a script which they claim may even lead to a trilogy.

It’s understood John Wick director Chad Stahelski will helm the reboot working from Condal’s screenplay, incidentally Condal is also working on a major Conan the Barabrian series for Amazon Studios so the Highlander reboot seems like a perfect fit for the writer.

Our only hope is they retain the charm of the original and make sure that they once more cast a French actor as a Scot and a Scottish actor as an Egyptian.


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