Tom And Jerry Set For Live-Action Reboot

How would you like a feature-length Tom and Jerry movie? Yes, I know the last dozen or so have been pretty awful to watch but what if I was to tell you this time it’ll be completely different.

Warner Bros are apparently planning to bring the most famous of cartoon rivals to the big screen in a live-action, reboot adaptation of Tom and Jerry. Variety has reported that the studio aims to present the pair as a CG cat and mouse in a real world setting, with Warner Bros confirming that both characters will remain silent, under the direction of Tim Story, (Fantastic Four).

Exactly how the duo’s antics will translate to the real world is anyone’s guess, but I’m intrigued to find out how Tom’s shattered skull will look after it’s been smashed by a frying pan wielding Tom, I’m sure the infant audience won’t be traumatized at all.


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