In Order Of Disappearance Remake Gets A Trailer With Liam Neeson.

Nothing satisfies me more than watching Liam Neeson dispatch a range of bad guys with a proper dose of blunt force trauma and judging by the trailer of his latest film, Hollywood’s greatest Irishman is back doing what he does best. Cracking skulls.

Cold Pursuit is a loose remake of the original Norwegian black comedy In Order Of Disappearance, which starred Stellan Skarsgård. Retaining its original director, Hans Petter Molland, Cold Pursuit’s plot is exactly the same as the original as a mild-mannered snowplougher in the Rocky Mountains is forced to chart a bloody plan of revenge on the drug cartel who killed in his son.

How many times can Neeson play a truly negligent and awful parent? We’re going to be bitterly disappointed if this film doesn’t feature a grizzly death scene involving that snow plough. Added bonus, it’s brilliant to see the always watchable William Forsythe back on the big screen.

Cold Pursuit is slated for release February 8th 2019.

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