Ron Howard Confirms A Willow Sequel

Apparently during the press tour of that Han Solo film nobody bothered to go and see, film director Ron Howard randomly mentioned that there could be a sequel to the 1988 fantasy cult film Willow.

Nobody really paid much attention to Howard’s musings but then last weekend during a Q&A session after a screening of Willow at a an event celebrating Howard’s career, he added more fuel to the rumour fire, by stating that Willow 2 was now an actual ‘Lucasfilm project’.

Sitting with him on the Q&A panel was Willow screenwriter Bob Dolman who couldn’t reveal any more detail. When pushed by the audience he simply explained that he knew the particulars but wasn’t going to start talking about them at such an early stage.

Willow starred Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley and Warwick Davis. The film deals with Davis’ character Willow Ofgood and his struggle to protect an infant child from an evil queen. He is helped along on his adventure by mercernary swordsman, (Kilmer) and the evil Queen’s own daughter, (Whalley), who has turned against her evil mother.

At the time the film was one of those rare fantasy movies which had convincing special effects and a decent plot but with a 1988 budget of $35m Willow only managed to take $57m at box office. However it has since generated a cult following over the years and three books were written in the 90’s continuing the story. Who knows, the sequel could use them as source material and we could end up with a Willow cinematic universe.

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