Reynolds And Jackson To Return In Hitman’s Bodyguard 2.

Even with a Rotten Tomatoes average rating of 5.1/10, last year’s buddy-buddy, action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard still managed to rake in over $170m at the box office.

Now, largely due to its hefty returns, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek are all returning for a sequel, entitled The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, (just rolls off the tongue), which will start shooting early next year.

While the original dealt with a bodyguard, (Reynolds), hired to protect a hitman, (Jackson), get from London to the Netherlands to testify against an Eastern European dictator, (Gary Oldman) the sequel will focus this time on the bodyguard being hired by the hitman and his wife (Hayek) to join them on a special mission along the Almalfi coast.

Patrick Hughes will also return as director working from a script once more provided by Tom O’Conner.

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