Men In Black: International Trailer Is Grossly Underwhelming.

Here’s the second official trailer for Men In Black: International, a spin off/sequel to the amazingly successful original franchise which starred Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

The premise this time sees Valkyrie and Thor team-up to fight aliens in London and then around the rest of the world, hence the ‘International‘ portion of the title. In fact it enforces its international appeal even further by cracking a joke about the position of European steering wheels. Apart from that this is a pretty underwhelming trailer, which feels positively stale in parts.

The film is directed by F. Gary Gray, (Friday and the 8th Fast & Furious film), and also stars Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson. There is definitely a joke here about Neeson, Men In Black, and the use of a kosh for misplaced, racist revenge, but it would be beneath us to make such a quip.

Men In Black: International is scheduled for release on June 14th.


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