There’s A Scorsese Scent All Over The Joker Trailer…And It Smells Great.

Just look at this Taxi Driveresque inspired shot. Scorsese is all over this movie.

Just give the Best Actor Oscar to Joaquin Phoenix now.

Here’s the first hotly anticipated look at the Hollywood actor as the infamous DC villain The Joker, in the very first full trailer for the Batman prequel – stand alone movie Joker. Not only does it look fantastic but you get the immediate sense Phoenix has truly committed to the role and his acting his chops off.

Directed by Todd Phillips, (Starsksy & Hutch, The Hangover), it stars Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and details how a failed stand-up comedian morphs into a super villain. The script reportedly draws inspiration from Taxi Driver, King Of Comedy and Alan Moore’s celebrated graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke. Which makes sense as Martin Scorsese co-produced and it would also explain the surprising cameo of Robert De Niro at the end of the trailer.

Joker is scheduled for general release on October 4th.

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