Toy Story 4 Trailer Answers The All Important Question.

Toys come alive in the Toy Story Universe when they receive interaction from a child or are created by a child. There you go, that’s the big reveal in the trailer for Toy Story 4 which explains why new character Forky can immediately talk to all the other toys, after he’s been created. Which means children, (in the Toy Story universe), are actual Gods!

Gazooks! That’s some existential dodo right there and as you’d expect fanboys and girls have gone batshit crazy over this reveal and their all-important deep dives on this matter on Twitter prove that we are rapidly failing as a species.

It’s an enjoyable kids movie layered with enough sentimentality and nostalgia that parents will also find themselves engaged with the story when they take their kids to watch it at the cinema. Nothing more, nothing less. Relax everybody.


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