Not So New Jack City.

In slightly less obvious reboot news it appears that Warner Bros wants to forge ahead with a rebooted version of the 1991 gangster, cult hit New Jack City.

The original movie, which was a screaming box office success, made for a paltry £8m making almost £50m in receipts, ( the highest grossing independent feature of 1991), centred around two undercover detectives, (Ice-T and Judd Nelson), who try to infiltrate and bring down drug tycoon Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) and his gang known as the Cash Money Brothers.

The plot, you’ll recognise, isn’t particularly original in fact this exhausted premise has been played out in thousands of Hollywood movies, so why bother rebooting New Jack City and not just make an original property with a similar theme? Well, the movie was a major pop culture milestone, it gave Ice-T his acting breakthrough role alongside a cast brimming with African American talent, including Chris Rock, Alan Payne, Vanessa A. Williams and Mario Van Peebles, who also directed the movie.

It’s unclear if the story-line and characters will remain the same as at this time nothing is known about the proposed reboot, no cast, no director or release date has been confirmed except that writer Michael M. Mays(, Snowfall), is aboard.

(Via Deadline)

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