Home Alone Reboot Won’t Be Anything Like The Original.

Next to A Wonderful Life it’s hard to argue that the next most popular Christmas movie of all time isn’t Home Alone.

Written, directed and produced by the legendary John Hughes, Home Alone was made with a budget of $18m and smashed the box office with a $476m take, going on to hold the record of highest-grossing, live-action comedy of all time until 2011, (The Hangover Part 2 took its place)…I know WTF!

Many believe a revered ‘classic’ like Home Alone should be left alone but unfortunately, it appears some movie execs believe otherwise. Plans are now afoot to reboot the original movie and according to various press reports, a cast has already been assembled.

The reboot, which will be shot by Disney’s online streaming service Disney+ will star Archie Yates, (JoJo Rabbit), Ellie Kemper, (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Rob Delaney, (Catastrophe). Before you make the mistake of assuming this trio will flesh out the new McCallister family, it transpires that the plot for the reboot will be completely different from the original.

An outline revealed by director Dan Mazer, (Dirty Grandpa), explained that Kemper and Delaney will play a wife and husband who, in order to save their home from financial ruin, go to war with a kid who has stolen a priceless heirloom. So no new Wet Bandits or even Kevin McCallister, just a similar movie about a kid under attack from two adults, presumably at Christmas.

And yes, you are perfectly entitled to ask: ‘What’s the fucking point?





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