Lethal Weapon 5 Is In The Works.

Fans of action movies featuring sexagenarians and septuagenarians rejoice, for Lethal Weapon 5 is on its way.

Word from Hollywood is that Gibson,(64), and Glover, (73), will be returning for a fifth, completely unnecessary, installment of the beloved franchise. There is also a rumour, at this early development stage, that Joe Pesci will extend his return to the big screen by also reprising his character of mouthy sidekick Leo Getz. Pesci is 76 years of age.

Various different outlets are reporting that the basic premise of the film will feature Riggs, (Gibson) and Murtaugh, (Glover), being pulled out of retirement for one last case. Even though both of them really are way, way too old for this shit. Maybe the case is about busting a gang of abusive care home workers or infiltrating a deadly criminal underworld running fixed games of Bingo.

Up until recently, it was suggested that the director of the original movie Richard Donner would be taking charge of the project, tentatively referred to as Lethal Finale. Richard Donner is 89 years of age!



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