New Horizons For The Battlestar Galactica Reboot

Just in case you didn’t know, a Battlestar Galactica TV series reboot is underway and progress has been swift.

We already know that the creator of Mr Robot, Sam Esmail is attached and will have some creative input to the reboot but it turns out that Michael Leslie, whose previous credits include The Little Drummer Girl and the Assassin’s Creed movie will have main say when it comes to production, writing, and producing the show.

Speaking to Deadline recently Leslie explained that his vision for this reboot would honour those versions before it and propel the story further with never-ending directional options, he said:

“I am beyond excited to be taking on this iconic and inspirational show. As a lifelong devotee, I know that the possibilities of Battlestar Galactica’s world are infinite and that each iteration has raised the bar for epic and intelligent sci-fi storytelling. The teams at Esmail Corp, UCP, and Peacock are second to none, and I already know that we are going to honor Glen A. Larson and Ronald D Moore’s landmark series and break new boundaries with our own vision. It’s a dream come true—one I just can’t wait to share with fans, new and old alike.”

So Battlestar Galactica is heading off into a new direction, while still remaining true to the original mythology. Yep, clear as mud.

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