Spielberg Opts Out Of Directing Indy 5.

Just a few days ago Harrison Ford let slip in a televised interview that the fifth Indiana Jones movie would begin shooting in a matter of weeks, with Spielberg back in the director’s chair and Ford in that leather jacket.

Now according to Variety, it seems Spielberg will be stepping down as director for the first time since the franchise was born 39 years ago. It’s understood the reigns will be handed over to James Mangold, who’s had considerable success with his latest movie Ford V Ferrari and is no stranger to taking over a franchise as he did to great effect back in 2017, when he earned himself an Oscar nod for Logan, currently the last installment of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine franchise.

Although Spielberg’s directorial departure and handover are yet to be made official it has been confirmed that he will stay on as a ‘hands-on producer,’ leaving many fans with doubts that the movie will now be pushed back from its original planned 2021 release date.

But if Spielberg feels the time has come to call it a day and to recognize a ‘new generation’ director can take over, then surely it would make sense that 77 year-old Ford does the same. I have a feeling we might end up getting an Indiana Jones movie from Mangold in the same vein as Logan, a fond farewell and a passing over of the fedora, jacket and bullwhip. Why else would the studio target him as director? He knows how to end a franchise.

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