Fiennes To Play Trunchbull In Matilda Remake.

Are you all ready to watch Ralph Fiennes in drag playing a “gigantic holy terror, a fierce tyrannical monster who frightened the life out of pupils and teachers alike”?

Reports across the internet this month have revealed that the British actor is attached to star as Miss Trunchbull in the Netflix remake of the classic Roald Dahl story, Matilda.

The first film adaptation of Matilda was back in 1996 which starred Danny DeVito, (who also directed the movie), Rhea Pearlman and Pam Ferris. The movie was a box office bomb, but later found success on home video and became a beloved classic.

Now Netflix wants to take another stab at the subject material but their remake will stay close to the stage musical of Matilda, so expect an all singing and dancing version of this children’s story.

This also explains why Fiennes will play the villainous Miss Trunchbull as the musical version often casts a male actor in that role. Fleshing out the rest of the cast will be Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, who is reportedly playing Miss Honey, Matilda’s thoughtful and helpful teacher and Dennis Kelly is writing the screenplay.

This Matilda remake is part of a planned slate of Roald Dahl’s adaptations for Netflix, some of them animated. A production date for this property is still to be announced.



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