Filming Resumes in New Zealand For Avatar 2.

Fans of oversized blue CGI aliens rejoice, for filming has resumed on the Avatar sequel in New Zealand.

The news has been welcomed by cast and crew as the production is expected to provide hundreds of jobs and a much-needed boost to the country’s economy, post-COVID 19 lockdown.

It’s understood that director James Cameron received special permission to fly to New Zealand to get the production back up and running a fortnight ago. Even though many locals disagreed with the move which they classed as ‘preferential treatment’ as the country had closed its borders.

But after a spokesperson from Avatar’s production team explained to the disgruntled populace that 400 jobs would be created and opened a large suitcase full of money to explain that $70m was expected to be spent in the country over a five month period, there were much celebrating and dancing in the streets and everyone quickly forgot that they had been self-isolating for two months and their own businesses had tanked as a result.

But hey, a Hollywood production is in town who cares about lockdown sacrifices and a deadly virus.


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