Michael Keaton Could Reboot As Batman.

For many Dark Knight fans Michael Keaton was/is their ultimate favourite movie version of their much loved caped crusader.

Keaton played Batman in Tim Burton’s original movie adaptation of the character in 1989 and again for the sequel in 1992 and now it seems, thirty years later, the 68 year-old will snap on the cape and cowl once more.

Talks are underway with the actor to reprise his superhero role alongside Ezra Miller in the DC Extended Universe’s forthcoming movie The Flash, to be directed by IT filmmaker Andy Muschietti.

But how is this possible when Robert Pattinson is currently filming a Batman movie elsewhere and Ben Affleck has already appeared as the Dark Knight in not one but two recent movies? Well, it’s understood Keaton’s version will officially open a gateway to a ‘DC multiverse’, which creators promise won’t affect Pattinson’s The Batman.

So if fans of Spiderman weren’t confused enough with all the various different movies in production of their favourite superhero then Batman fans look to be confused even more.

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