Half Baked 2 Faces Production Deadline.

An overlooked gem of the late 90s was an underrated stoner comedy called Half Baked which starred Dave Chappelle, stand-up comic Jim Breuer, Harland Williams and Guillermo Diaz.

The plot centred on four friends, one of whom accidentally feds a policeman’s diabetic horse with food that kills the animal. Facing a lengthy prison sentence bail is set at $1m and his three friends hatch a scheme to sell a load of weed to get the bail money.

The film is littered with brilliant one-liners and the movie garnered a massive cult following when it was released on home video. Now it seems, 22 years later, a sequel is in the works but there’s a fair amount of confusion over the plot and cast.

Half Baked 2 was recently selected as a project which would receive a $40m tax credit by the Californian Film Commission but this good news came with a catch. The production had to begin in just 180 days to qualify for this monetary assistance.

Work on the sequel has been progressing with Macgyver reboot star Justin Hires announcing he was penning a script for Half Baked 2, but there has been no word on whether members of the original cast would be on board. Some details of the sequel’s plot were revealed in that the movie would focus on Thurgood Jenkins’ son. Jenkins was played by Chappelle in the first film, a wafer-thin plot mechanic to bridge to the original.

It seems from this plot reveal that the original cast will not be returning and that the sequel will only be linked to the original Half Baked in name only. Chappelle has historically voiced his disappointment on how the original movie turned out and the rest of the cast has remained silent over the news of this sequel.

The clock is literally ticking for the original Half Baked squad to reunite and deliver.


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