Keira Knightly Joins Cast For Jack Ryan Prequel.

In case you didn’t already know, Hollywood has once more decided to revive yet another franchise and have again employed the old time travel technique to come up with a prequel movie for a new Jack Ryan flick.

Created by author Tom Glancy there have been four major movies featuring the character who has been played by three different actors; Alec Baldwin, (The Hunt For Red October), Harrison Ford, (Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger), and Ben Affleck, (The Sum of All Fears) and now Chris Pine, (Star Trek, Unstoppable), will take over the role on the as yet untitled movie set to be directed by Kenneth Branagh. Pine will now be joined by the talented Keira Knightly who will flesh out the character of Caroline Ryan, previously played by Gates McFadden, Anne Archer and Bridget Moynahan. Jesus, this is exhausting.

The plot of the prequel will deal with Ryan fresh out the military now Moscow-based, who’s working as a financial analyst for a Russian billionaire.Things go pear shaped when the ever alert Ryan discovers his boss is funding a terrorist plot against the U.S. Hilarity ensues.

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