Bill & Ted 3 Is Moving Forward.

It was stop-start, stop-start for a while but now it seems progress is being made in bringing a third Bill & Ted movie to the big screen. Both original stars, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, will reprise their roles as two time travelling metal-head slackers under the direction of Dean Parisot, whose most famous film to date is the highly underrated Galaxy Quest.

Parisot is currently directing the sequel to RED, but will focus his attention on the new Bill & Ted movie when he’s finished. Details about the sequel are sketchy although it has been reported that original creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson have been working on a new script, which may or may not feature time travel to the pre-historic ages, a cameo by Eddie Van Halen, the return of Socrates and Billy The Kid and Bill and Ted writing a song that could save the world.

What is known is that actor William Sadler won’t be reprising his role as the Grim Reaper as the current script doesn’t feature him, (although writers are trying to find a way to involve Sadler somehow), and that Rufus, played by the late, great George Carlin, will not be recast for the sequel.

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