Gremlins Could Be Heading For A Reboot.


While the idea of yet another Gremlins movie doesn’t exactly fill me with dread this latest nugget of news about the little green demons has me greatly concerned.

Website Vulture is reporting that Spielberg’s company Amblin Entertainment has been approached with the idea of re-developing the franchise for 21st century audiences.

It’s pretty much a given Joe Dante, (who directed the original and vastly underrated sequel), won’t be on board for this reboot so we’re off to a non-starter already, also this ‘re-development for the 21st century’ pitch can only mean two things; the Gremlins will be all state-of-the-art CG and the entire movie will be in twat dazzling 3D.

The original Gremlins movie is a modern classic which carefully walked the line of being a horror movie whilst still maintaining a moderate family friendly vibe, (can you think of any recent movies which delivered the same?), there is no need to remake or rehash Gremlins for audiences today, simply because a lot of the people who make up the audience of today made up the audience of 1984, who watched the original when it was first released. So what’s the f**king point?

For a long time Amblin held a fortress like defence over Gremlins when it came to remakes or reboots but now it seems the castle walls have been breached. You know what’s next don’t you? A Jaws remake.

*Pushes computer chair back in rage and throws party bag of Doritos against basement wall*

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