Dredd 2? A Case Of Will They Won’t They.

There’s three nuggets of information to digest before we can start to formulate an opinion on whether Alex Garland will pen a sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Judge Dredd, or whether Karl Urban will slide the infamous helmet on for another apocalyptic based adventure.

The first doesn’t bode well at all and that’s the fact that a shit ton of props from the movie have been uploaded to eBay for auction. Over 200 props and costumes went up for grabs on January 28th, including Dredd’s full costume and Ma-Ma’s costume, the villianious character played by Lena Headey. You can view what’s left of the auction HERE.

Second fact to consider is far more hopeful. Even though Dredd performed rather poorly at the box office on general release, it appears the movie is pretty much cleaning up in the DVD sales charts. The blu-ray copy of the movie just dislodged The Dark Knight Rises from the number one position proving that there’s definitely an audience out there for the Judge. Will this extra revenue propel the film’s profits past the break even mark? Only time will tell.

The third and final fact to consider is the recent revelations by actor Karl Urban in a recent interview where he stated that he would love a Dredd sequel to explore the ‘big lie‘ storyline from the graphic novels. A plot which involves the Judge struggling to accept the belief that all Judges know what’s best for humanity. It also sees Dredd taking the ‘long walk‘ out of Mega-City One, exiled to the wastelands.

So what do all three elements of information mean for a Dredd sequel? It’s hard to tell, but with so much enthusiasm for the property by both actor and writer and a recent surge in profits, thanks to the DVD sales, we could yet see Urban saddle up once more. Here’s hoping.

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