Escape From New York Remake?…Anyone?…Anyone?


In news any self respecting sci-fi fan would never want to hear John Carpenter’s cult classic Escape From New York may finally be getting a remake.

Look out the f**king party hats and streamers, the time has finally arrived. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve spent years fantasising about the day Hollywood decides to take this sci-fi seminal classic and remake it for today’s audiences, with loads of CGI and twat dazzling 3D.

The Internet is on fire with rumours that director Breck Eisner, (The Crazies), will helm the project and Joel Silver will produce. No word yet on who will flesh out Snake Plissken, but Gerard Butler was in the frame the last time Escape From New York was considered for a remake…ah Jesus, what a shitty day!

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