Dodgeball 2 Is Preparing For A Roll Out.


Do you know what Hollywood has scant regard for? Time.

It doesn’t matter that nearly ten years have passed since the original and highly successful sports comedy movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, because Hollywood could care less,  as they plan to give us all another balls deep helping.

And things seem to be moving rather quickly for the development of this almost ten years too late sequel as Ben Stiller and producing partner Stuart Cornfeld have already employed the services of writer Clay Tarver to pen the script.

Some details about the film’s proposed plot have been leaked with Internet movie sites reporting that Dodgeball 2 will focus on Vaughn and Stiller’s characters teaming up together to battle ‘an even bigger threat‘ to both of them.

Wonder if uber cheat Lance Armstrong will pop up in another motivational cameo?

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