Gremlins Remake Is A Go.


It was pretty much inevitable. We knew this day would come.

Warner Brothers have now officially announced that a remake of the Joe Dante cult classic 80’s movie Gremlins will now go ahead. No further sequel to the franchise, a straight remake.

Not to pour scorn on a movie before it’s even been made but it’s hard not to be critical of this decision, especially when you consider the fact that Dante himself was on-board to direct a third Gremlins movie.

Apparently Seth Grahame-Smith has been hired to produce the remake, his previous work includes writing the script for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and more recently he penned the script for the Beetlejuice reboot.

No word yet on who will direct the movie, or if Spielberg himself will take an active role in the development after he served as an exec-producer on the 1984 original. Or if it will be shot in sheep pleasing, drool inducing, retina destroying 3-D.

For f**k’s sake Hollywood, hurry up and remake The Goonies and Jaws so I can finally bury what’s left of my inner child once and for all.

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