Terminator 5 Rumours Abound!


Woooah Nelly! All sorts of Terminator 5 rumours are spilling out of the Internet’s iron belly today, as if it were a dead Tantaun on the planet Hoth.

First off we have the interesting rumour that The Rock could possibly be cast as a deadly Terminator and Arnie’s character will now be human, (ye olde switcheroo). But by far the most interesting rumour I’ve read yet and a part of me really hopes it’s true is that the entire film will be set in the late 40s/early 50s and will deal with Skynet’s efforts to locate and kill Sarah Connor’s parents. Which in essence would make the fifth instalment of the franchise a prequel.

Personally speaking I would be completely on-board for a Terminator film set in the 40s/50s. If they throw in a couple of dastardly Nazi scientists then and only then I might be coaxed back to queue for tickets.

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