Tony Stark Will Now Be In Avengers 2…and 3.

You may now stop biting your fingernails and pacing up and down as Marvel Studios have confirmed that Robert Downey Jnr is now definitely contracted in to return as Tony Stark in not just Avengers 2 but a third instalment too.

Now that Downey has finally settled for a large wedge of cabbage for returning as Ironman the rest of The Avengers cast need to hammer out similar deals. Variety magazine reported the following:

With Downey now locked in, speculation turns to what the other cast members will do. Downey was the only one not locked in for the next film but several sources close to several “Avengers” actors said that while they are committed to deals, renegotiations may still occur.

“We have a deal but the current one we have just isn’t going to cut it, so we’ll see,” said a rep for one “Avengers” thesp. The actors could well be smarting after Marvel paid Downey Jr. $50 million and Scarlett Johansson made nearly $20 million while others were paid far less.

Those talks may have to wait as Marvel is now deep in the search for the actress who will play Scarlet Witch, a new member of the “Avengers” universe. (Via Variety)

Fifty Million dollars for playing a man who zooms about the sky in a rocket suit. Billy Campbell must be raging.

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