Bioshock Creator To Write Logan’s Run Remake.

For some reason somebody somewhere in Hollywood wanted to remake the sci-fi cult classic Logan’s Run. That was nearly 20 years ago and the project has been languishing in development hell ever since.

But now a hero has stepped forth and hope has been renewed as Kevin Levine, the talent behind the ultra successful Bioshock gaming franchise, has been collared to write the the script for the remake. Apparently Levine has confessed that it’s more of a ‘passion project’ than a straight up pay-the-bills job, which is great news for fans of the 1976 movie and original novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

For those of you heathens unfamiliar with the plot it revolves around a dystopian future where every man and woman is ‘terminated’ when they reach a certain age, (21 in the book, 30 in the original movie), as a form of population control. Of course one man, Logan 5, doesn’t really like the idea of buying the farm before his time and does a runner. Society tools up and heads off after him.

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