Terminator 5 Will Be A Reboot.

Wipe the board clean! All of the week’s earlier rumours surrounding a fifth Terminator movie look to have come from the same source who warned of the Millennium Bug.

Which is a great shame as the ‘real news‘ surrounding a fifth movie is pretty dull and mundane. Instead of the proposed casting of Arnie and The Rock and a possible plotline revolving around a 1950s pre-Skynet world, apparently movie execs are planning to do a simple and wholly unnecessary reboot of the franchise instead. This will all begin in 2015 with the release of the first Terminator movie in what’s being described as ‘a stand alone trilogy‘ of films. The trilogy must come to an end before 2019 because that’s when the rights of the franchise are handed back to the ancient mariner himself James Cameron.

A reboot of an already well established franchise with a series of stand alone movies? This has disaster written all over it

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