A Jacob’s Ladder Remake Is On The Way.

Back in 1990 I had a friend, who shall remain nameless, who went to watch Adrian Lyne’s new movie Jacob’s Ladder. Before he traipsed along to his local cinema he thought it would be a good idea to drop some acid as he’d heard from a friend that the movie was quite ‘trippy’. To this day the unnamed friend continues to describe the experience as the ‘most terrifying and horrific 116 minutes he’s ever spent in his entire life.’

Not one for dropping acid I’ve watched Jacob’s Ladder a few times and even straight it’s still an unnerving and disturbing movie but what’s even more discomforting is news that Hollywood want to remake the cult classic. The original was about a Vietnam war veteran who returns home with wild and vivid hallucinations involving demons and hell. Now LD Entertainment are looking to produce ‘an homage’ to the movie and have hired Jeff Buhler, who recently adapted Clive Barker’s The Midnight Meat Train for the screen, to pen the script.

No word on whether Tim Robbins will have a role in the movie this time around.

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