World War Z To Get A Sequel.

I haven’t managed to muster up the motivation to actually watch World War Z yet, the part of me which loves the book is currently protesting at the film’s very existence.

That been said I have heard that it’s a pretty decent action movie and judging by the box office receipts, $66m Stateside and $111m worldwide on the opening weekend, industry execs are understandably keen to keep milking that particular cash cow.

Paramount are now actively moving towards a World War Z sequel, regardless of the difficulties the original movie had to overcome, Brad Pitt’s reported disagreements with director Marc Foster and the fact that writers had to be drafted in at the last minute to salvage the final act of the film. However the Hollywood Reporter is stating both Pitt and Foster are in fact keen to return for a sequel and if the World War Z continues to pull in the crowds a full trilogy could be on the cards.

As for that part of me which adores the original book, this is the worst news ever!

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