Joe Dante’s Explorers Set For A Remake.

The Hollywood remake tornado ripping through the movie studio archives looks to have claimed yet another cult classic, this time it’s the turn of Joe Dante’s much loved 80’s sci-fi movie Explorers.

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the remake will be produced by the writers responsible for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and the US version of the cult British TV series Life On Mars. Penning the script for this project will be Geoff Moore and Dave Posamentier who have just finished writing and directing the Sam Rockwell movie Better Living Through Chemsitry, which is currently receiving a positive initial buzz across the internet.

I loved Joe Dante’s original movie which starred Ethan Hawke and River Phoneix, a couple of unknown child actors at that time, who embark upon a mission to build their very own home-made space ship, Dante’s unmistakable mark on the film gave it such a unique charm.

Word is the remake is currently languishing in-development while the script is sorted out and a director is found for the project, but already early word is suggesting what I was dreading and that is the remake is to be re-spun with the now familiar ‘gritty, modern feel‘.

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