Are You Ready For A Michael Bay Remake Of The Birds?


Nothing is sacred I tell you. Nothing!

It may seriously depress many of you to know that a director has actually been found to helm the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal classic The Birds, which Michael ‘let’s blow shit up’ Bay will produce. Variety magazine has reported that Dutch filmmaker Diederik Van Rooijento will take the project reins under the banner of Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company and Mandalay Pictures.

So far no-one knows what kind of alternative spin this horrific remake might take and yet nobody is ruling out the prospect of Bay’s version of this classic to feature a plot which involves the birds as suicide bombers, stuffed with C4 and trained by an evil Iranian terrorist cell. Who unleash their winged army on the unsuspecting city of San Francisco, where Will Smith, a single, wealthy socialite, is America’s only hope.

We must be really close to a Jaws remake by now.

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