Magic Mike 2 Has A Director.


If news that oiled-up, volleyball playing hot shot pilots were set to return to your cinema in Top Gun 2 didn’t excite you enough, then hang on to your cod piece as a director has been found to helm naked male ass uber movie Magic Mike 2.

Gregory Jacobs, who was Steven Soderbergh’s first assistant director on the original movie, has been named as the man in charge of the sequel.. No word on an official plot yet, although Channing Tatum, who has confirmed he will be reprising his role along with the return of Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer, is currently penning the script which he has described as: ‘a road trip comedy‘.

The sequel has officially been given a title: Magic Mike XXL. Which would lead me to hopefully assume that the film would chart the demise of former male stripper Magic Mike as he piles on the weight in a spiral of drug and drink fuelled self-loathing, moving from one self-help group meeting to another, while he continues to cram his overweight body into tiny gold leaf speedos to pay the rent.



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