King Conan Poster Revealed.


Here’s the official poster for King Conan: The Legend Of Conan which recently popped up at the Cannes film festival much to everyone’s interest.

The movie is currently being shopped around to would-be investors with the plan being that filming starts immediately after Arnie has finished with Terminator: Genesis. Not much is known about the premise of King Conan except of course Arnie would reprise his iconic role and it would be a continuation of the much-loved franchise, hopefully sweeping away those sour memories of the disastrous attempt in 2011.

Scriptwriter Andrea Berloff, (World Trade Center) has been handed the hefty task of penning this sequel but I just can’t help wondering what kind of film this would be if they developed it from the infamous John Milius sequel script King Conan: Crown of Iron.



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